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Can I leave open connector joints at the rear of kitchen base units?

Q: We are carrying out alterations to existing circuits and have come across open connector joints at the rear of the kitchen base units, can we leave them in place?
A: No, Live conductors and terminals are required to be provided with an enclosure to ensure there can be no access to those live parts without a means of a key or a tool to prevent the risk of electric shock. There is also a further requirement that the enclosure has to prevent the spread of fire in the case of a fault.

Copper sheath cable and terminations

By Frank Bertie NAPIT Group Technical DirectorQuestion: During a refurbishment of a kitchen we came across copper sheathed cable supplying the accessories. The existing accessories have boxes with metal clamps which are securing the copper sheath cable terminations. The accessories are being relocated and we will have to alter these cables how do we do it or can we replace the cable with twin and earth cable?

New and Old Cable Colours - Do I sleeve all old conductors to the new?

By Frank Bertie NAPIT Group Technical Director  - Q: When we were replacing the accessories within the property we came across red and black conductors at the sockets and red, blue and yellow conductors at the switches. The earth conductors at all the accessories are bare copper without any sleeving. Do we have to install sleeving to all the conductors to the modern standards?


A: These cable colours were in use until 2006 when the “new” style brown and blue coloured cables.


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