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Connecting 5 separate light bulb pendant to one ceiling fitting?

Hi there,

I am looking to make something similar to this but I want all of the separate pendant lights to connect to one ceiling light fitting. I also want it to look like they are all connected through one hole into the ceiling fixture. Is this possible? Also while I know my earth, live and neutral please use layman's terms, I am not clued up on electricians' lingo!

Many thanks,


Installing Air Pump in Pond correctly

I need to make sure I have rigged this up correctly.

There is already a pond pump in the pond and it is getting its power from the shed, where there is a fused switch. The switch is connected to the main board via an RCD (30mA 80A).

As the pond is far away from the shed there is a weatherproof box next to the filter that houses a connector/junction box that puts the pumps power cable straight into connection with the 3 core cable that goes through conduit to the shed's fused switch.

Safe or not

Hi I have brought ( Varilight Mirror Chrome, LED Dimmer Switch - V-Pro Series, 1 Gang (Single), 1 or 2 Way, 400 Watt )

when I tested the dimmer face plate after screwing it in the wall my digital tester showed a reading of

I then tested it with a screwdriver tester but got no current.

I tested another room on a different dimmer on the face plate and the results were the same.

all dimmers are earthed yellow and green wire and the C and L1.

my question? is this 12v current reading normal with metal plates or do i need to see an election.