How an electrician can help protect you from the dangers of carbon monoxide

Having a working carbon monoxide (CO) alarm is as essential as having a working fire alarm in your home. Carbon Monoxide is often dubbed the 'silent killer' due to the fact that it is odour free and colourless. The presence of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide cannot be detected without a carbon monoxide alarm, and can kill you in as little as 60 seconds.
Do I need a carbon monoxide alarm?

Electrical Fire Safety Training Video from NAPIT

As we approach Electrical Fire Safety Week, which runs from the 22nd to the 28th September, consumers are reminded of the integral safety role fire alarms play and of the importance of having them installed correctly by a qualified and competent electrician.
Those who are considering adding the design, installation and inspection of fire alarm systems to their portfolio can gain a better understanding of what this entails via a recently released video from NAPIT Training.

Electrical Safety Roundtable to Host Safer Homes Fringe Events at Party Conferences

The Electrical Safety Roundtable (ESR), a group which brings together senior industry executives with an interest in promoting electrical safety, is hosting fringe events at this year’s Labour and Conservative political party conferences to explore public attitudes towards safety in the home and help develop solutions to ensure renters and homeowners across Britain avoid unnecessary risks.

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