Are electricians getting paid on time?

This week Trade Skills 4 U have posted a blog which talks about the effect late payment is having on electricians. Following the introduction of Government lead early payment schemes in March 2013, Trade Skills 4 U have carried out a survey amongst electricians from all over the country to find out if such schemes are having an effect on how quickly they get paid for work.
Early Payment Schemes

Signs that you need to call an electrician

I think I relate with practically every electrician when I say I receive messages from friends on a regular basis about electrical problems in their homes. Some are well meaning and make perfect sense that they're seeking reassurance and others are just plain dangerous.
Take a recent Friday evening at home. I was just thinking of ordering my weekly Chinese takeaway when there was a knock on my front door. It was my neighbour from 4 doors down who had arrived home to find a slight problem in his kitchen – well more of an explosion might be a better term.

New Training Courses from NICEIC and ELECSA

NICEIC and ELECSA have launched a new training prospectus featuring a host of courses for everyone in the electrical, renewable, gas, water and health & safety industries. The 76 page booklet features the largest collection of courses including those offered by the Electrical Contactors’ Association (ECA) and leading certification body NQA.
Alan Charlton, Head of Training commented, “We are committed to providing the best and most useful training programmes available.