Stay Safe, Be Aware - Electrical Fire Safety Week 2012

This year, Electrical Fire Safety week runs from 23rd to 29th January 2012.
With many fires in the home starting through lack of awareness, Electrical Fire Safety Week is an ideal time for the electrical industry to focus on these important issues, giving householders the opportunity to spot some easily remedied mistakes they have in their homes.
Fire Safety week is not about pointing fingers and laying the blame, its quite the opposite. Electrical Fire Safety week is designed to save lives and prevent Electrical Fires in the home.

NAPIT Support Electrical Fire Safety Week 2012

NAPIT are fully supporting Electrical Fire Safety week from January 23rd- 29th 2012. In terms of everyday domestic danger, electricity is massively underestimated and people still choose to turn a blind eye when it comes to electrical safety awareness, despite the potentially fatal consequences which stem from domestic hazards such as defective electric blankets or overloaded sockets.

Government Appeal Over FiT Cuts – hearing today at the Court of Appeal

In December 2011 the high court ruled that the proposed changes to cut the payout on solar panels was unlawful.
Friends of the Earth and 2 solar companies Solar Energy and Homesun challenged the governments proposed ruling of cutting the 43p return on solar energy panels to 21p – thereby halving the return on investment. They challenged whether the governments proposition was legal and by continuing with their plans unchallenged, threaten to devastate the whole industry through loss of confidence both within the workforce and the consumers who will see a drop on their return.

The Good, the bad and the ugly

Straight after our launch on Friday, we are delighted to bring to you our Good, bad and ugly photo gallery.
The difference with ours is that we are more interested in your good photos - this isn't about how bad things are, but rather to show off the good work that we know you all do.
* Electricians can use the gallery as a case study of their work to show to potential customers and clients.
* Suppliers and manufacturers can show off their products and tools that no electrician should be without.

The new look My Local Electrician launches today.....we hope you like it!

Firstly the team at My Local Electrician would like to wish all readers, advertisers and electricians a very Happy New Year!
Whilst the Christmas festivities were under way, we were busy beavering away ready for an exciting fresh look for the new year....and here it is!
As you can see, we have redesigned the magazine with a fresh new look – we hope you'll agree with us that the layout is more professional and easier to navigate.
Whats New?

And the Winners of the on line Electrician of the Year Awards are..

At last the waiting time is over and we can finally announce the 3 winners of the on line electrician of the year awards 2011.
Julian Grant, UK and international sales manager for Megger Ltd said 'The awards are based on who is the best online electrician, judged by their usage of the internet and social networking, etc - rather than it being a "who is the best electrician" award'.

And the short list for the on line electrician of the year is......

The long awaited short list for the My Local Electrician on-line electrician of the year has just been released!
From the entries we received ,we can see that electricians with on-line presence are very dedicated and spend a great deal of time and care on their on-line accounts – this demonstrates that having a on line presence is very important in order to move business forward. Electricians have reported business opportunities and work gained by having a presence on-line which costs them only a little time on a daily basis to obtain.

Competent Person Scheme Operators