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With 26 years experience in the electrical trade, Mark provides quality installations to customers throughout the local area. Established in 2006, Connex Electrical is situated in Finchampstead (Wokingham).Registered with Napit and accredited with Full scope for electrical installations UKAS 4358

Washer drier in En Suite

I want a washer drier putting into the En suite.In the en suite there is a cupboard with a door on it that the washer drier could go in.there is no bath in the en suite jst a shower,toilet and sink.Its a large en suite.The cupboard where i want to put the washer drier is next to the enclosed shower.The only electric supply in the en suite is the lights the en suite light switch is outside the en suite in the bedroom.Is it possible to have a socket etc put into the cupboard? If its possible would it be best to get the plunbing sorted first or the electrics ?Thanks

Private sector leading growth in the construction industry

Trade Skills 4 U, Britain's premier electrical training company have published an interesting article on the expected growth forecast within the electrical industry through 2014.
This year looks set to be the strongest year for construction growth since 2009, with renewed optimism that things are picking up post recession. Businesses are now putting planned expansion into action with small retail premises, hotels and leisure units and offices leading the way in the planned growth at 7%, 13% and 8% respectively.
The Winners

Product Safety Conference – Follow Up

Senior electrical industry figures are due to meet to discuss key issues arising from the Electrical Safety Council's (ESC) Product Safety Conference that was held in May 2013.
Round Table Follow Up
A round table follow-up to the Electrical Safety Council’s (ESC) highly successful Product Safety Conference will take place on 5th March in Church House, Westminster. The ESC is hoping to raise the profile of product recalls and traceability. Millions of people every year are risking fire and electrical injury whilst unknowingly using recalled products.

Existing cable into electric shower unit useable?

Just checked the cable into electric shower from mains to see whether 6mm or 10mm in order to upgrade the old shower unit. The cable is, I believe '10mm T+E', but it is black/red not brown/blue. Also the grey outer sleeving is nearer to 15mm wide (sounds silly but is this classed as 10mm?)
Is this existing cable still ok to use?

Electrical Industry Unite to Protect Consumers

NAPIT and Certsure, which operates the ELESCA and NICEIC brands, are to take the next step in providing a single point of reference for consumers seeking an electrician. They will create one easily identifiable mark for all full scope Part P registered electricians, easily recognisable by consumers, supported by a single register.