Grab your copy of James Dewanes NEW book - Marketing for Local Trades– for FREE!!

Yes you heard correctly - James Dewane, founder of the highly acclaimed My Electricians ToolBox has just published his FIRST book dedicated to the SPARKS Blueprint which is an exclusive framework James teaches to members of My Electricians ToolBox. It is this framework that fills the diary of qualified trades people all over the UK.

How to make a sale without selling anything

If making a sales pitch and touting for business is not for you, and selling is not your thing then you might well be thinking that becoming a self employed electrician might be a mistake?
Wrong! Believe it or not the most successful sales people do not actually have a sales pitch. They sell based on likeability factor and a different outlook on selling. If all this sounds way out and you feel you have to be a 'certain type' to be successful in selling then keep reading as this blog will change your thoughts.
Converting leads into quotes and quotes into work and money

Marketing Event for Electricians this Friday

This Friday the 5th of September from 1pm-4pm, at a private location in Daventry, the very first marketing event for electricians will be run by “ToolBox Live”. This event will be focusing on how electricians can gain more domestic electrical work using directory and magazine advertising. The event will cover many areas of this type of advertising including:
The reason why most print advertisement fails, miserably.
How I get 40% of my Domestic work directly from two sets of adverts

Complimentary Marketing Training Session for Electricians

James Dewane is the original and leading marketing expert for electricians, dedicated to helping self employed electricians grow their business. James who owns and runs his own small electrical contracting business in Kent launched My Electricians ToolBox™ just over a year ago and since that time it has gone from strength to strength. There is now a solid core of My Electricians ToolBox™ members from all over the UK at varying stages in their business.

Electricians reporting success with My Electricians ToolBox marketing

One year ago James Dewane launched a never seen before 'electricians blueprint' which was designed to help self employed electricians find and keep more customers. Using a marketing resource known as “My Electricians ToolBox”, electricians use a tried and tested 5 step system to market their own business. James has developed his Five Steps into a teaching Framework that he calls the S.P.A.R.K.s Blueprint to Marketing for Local electricians.
Marketing for Electricians

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