The New Megger Catalogue is out - and available on App for the first time!

Test and measurement specialist Megger UK has launched its invaluable new contractor product catalogue in both paper and electronic formats. The new catalogue is aimed at electrical contractors wishing to boost their efficiency, diversify their scope and increase their revenue by staying informed about the latest developments in electrical test equipment and testing accessories.

What is the perfect bacon butty for electricians?

There is very little more satisfying than the smell of bacon frying as you walk past your local burger van of a lunch time. Is your mouth already watering in anticipation? Ours too!
According to a Direct Line survey carried out just last month, the humble bacon butty is much more than a couple of slices of bacon between bread, and just as there are different strokes for different folks, how you like your bacon butty depends largely on where you reside in the country!
Smoked bacon and brown sauce?

How to make a sale without selling anything

If making a sales pitch and touting for business is not for you, and selling is not your thing then you might well be thinking that becoming a self employed electrician might be a mistake?
Wrong! Believe it or not the most successful sales people do not actually have a sales pitch. They sell based on likeability factor and a different outlook on selling. If all this sounds way out and you feel you have to be a 'certain type' to be successful in selling then keep reading as this blog will change your thoughts.
Converting leads into quotes and quotes into work and money

Is 2015 the time to invest in an electric vehicle?

A year ago it would have been a rare occurrence to come across an electric vehicle charging point, and to some extend they are still a head turner if only to try and fathom out how they might work! However, most of us would probably know where to direct someone if they were looking for an electric vehicle charging point in the local area.
Charging points coming to a place near you

More powers are needed to protect householders against dangerous electrical work

A report published by the Electrical Safety Roundtable (ESR) reveals damning evidence that 72% of Local Authorities had taken no action against Part P non-compliance between 2011 and 2013. The report also highlighted that only 2% of Local Authorities had attempted to prosecute under Part P with only one successful prosecution during the entire 3 year period.

My Local Electrician are Blog Award Finalists!

There is nothing to beat a dreary Monday morning to discover that My Local Electrician became a finalist in the UK Blog Awards!
This is thanks to our very generous readers and followers who took to their screens to kindly vote for us – each of your votes contributed to this momentous achievement and to each and every one of you who voted -THANK YOU- we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for your vote – every single one counted!
So what next?

Electricians have you got to grips with social media?

If you feel social media is more choc block than junction box then a place on the next ToolBox Live social media workshop will be sure to light the way towards quality local domestic work.
ToolBox Live workshop is for you if:
You feel social media is full of noise and rubbish and you don't see the point in it.
You have not logged into your accounts for ages because it's a waste of time.
You don't know how to get local work from social media.

Electrical DIY Resources – Are these horrors lurking in your local library?

The threat of unregistered electricians and dangerous DIY electrical works being carried out in unsuspecting households is showing no sign of abating just yet. From the expert on line forum user suddenly being able to install garden lighting to the genuine mix up when changing light fittings, householders are often hesitant to pick up the phone to speak to a qualified and registered electrician until disaster occurs or serious damage has occurred.

Marketing Event for Electricians this Friday

This Friday the 5th of September from 1pm-4pm, at a private location in Daventry, the very first marketing event for electricians will be run by “ToolBox Live”. This event will be focusing on how electricians can gain more domestic electrical work using directory and magazine advertising. The event will cover many areas of this type of advertising including:
The reason why most print advertisement fails, miserably.
How I get 40% of my Domestic work directly from two sets of adverts

Co-op store home to impressive LED upgrade

LED lighting has transformed an East of England Co-op Foodstore in Suffolk. The Aldeburgh Co-op Foodstore is now home to a range of impressive LED luminaires which have transformed the space and delivered required lighting levels. A range of reliable and high-performing luminaries, which fulfil the lux level requirements, were selected for the project.

Competent Person Scheme Operators