Dextra Group strive to recycle more than 300 tonnes in 2013

A staggering 51,000 light fittings were recycled by Dexreco last year, weighing-in at a substantial 235 tonnes. Dexreco is part of the Dextra Group. Following on from last year’s success, Dexreco staff are now striving to smash last year’s impressive figures by an additional 65 tonnes worth of lighting recycling.

How Do You Choose Your Electrical Wholesaler?

Wholesalers are integral to the working life of an electrician, but there are so many these days. Within a few miles of our Crawley Training centre we have TLC, RS Components, Kew Electrical, CEF, Screwfix Direct and many more. So how do you know which are the good ones? We have identified the key areas electricians find important when choosing a wholesaler below but also want your feedback as to which factors are most important when choosing your regular wholesaler.
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Dextra Lighting Gains Top Marks in Primary School Refurbishment

An extensive refurbishment to Stoborough Primary School has been made through use of Dextra Lighting products. Pupils and staff can now benefit from the large-scale refurbishment and new multi-classroom extension at the back of the school building. Dextra designed the school lighting through collaboration with an architect and presented a more efficient design, after emphasising the benefits of both T5 lighting and LED lighting for use within the project.

A refreshing refurbishment for Coca Cola warehouse

Coca Cola Enterprises (CCE) are the latest customers to benefit from upgraded warehouse lighting through use of Dexeco’s LED light fittings.
Their ambient warehouse now boasts a refreshing new look with energy efficient warehouse lighting solutions from Dexeco’s newly-launched LED Highbay product.
The LED Highbay offers LED lightingsolutions for a number of different applications, which includes warehouse lighting, factory lighting and manufacturing environments. It can also be used within marshalling areas, racking aisles and for cold storage lighting purposes.

Illuminating the pathway for pupils to achieve

With a philosophy built on the commitment to provide the best possible environment in which its children can flourish and achieve, school lighting has played a key role in enhancing that ethos further at Gloucester-based Beech Green Primary School. It is the latest in a long line of education lighting projects undertaken in schools, colleges and universities for Dextra Lighting who collaborated with consultants Atkins at Beech Green. The Duet T5 came top of the class, with both the school and Atkins opting for bi-directional T5 fluorescent lighting.

Know your Lux from your Lumens

Decoding the terminology used to measure light levels, or illumination, can be a daunting and confusing task for those unsure of the vocabulary used. It’s important to stress straight away that we are not talking about quantities of radiant flux here, such as watts; nor are we mentioning radiant energy, measured in joules. These units of power are used to determine radiometry levels, referring to the measurement of light levels at all wavelengths, which aren’t always relevant to humanly perceptible light levels.

Making the step from school to independence in bright surroundings

Scarborough Sixth Form College staff and students can now enjoy brightly-lit areas, thanks to an injection of life by Dextra Lighting products. College lighting has been given a new lease of modern-day life in the cafeteria, library and social area, through products from the Sira, Qel Linear and Solution ranges.
The cafeteria now boasts a Sira suspended continuous luminaire linked with infill spacers. The bi-directional output with an equal fifty percent up/down split also assists with compliance to LG7 guidelines and brings education lighting into the 21st century.

About Total Control & Distribution

Total Control & Distribution Ltd are an independently owned specialist electrical wholesaler based in Stockton On Tees in the North East of England. The company was formed in May 2006 to meet the needs in the local area for the supply of Industrial Control and Hazardous Area Products. 
With our experienced and highly trained staff we are privileged to represent some of the leading manufacturers in the industrial market.

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