Domestic or commercial work – what do electricians prefer?

Britain’s number 1 training centre choice for professional electricians Trade Skills 4 U have recently carried out a survey amongst UK electricians to find out what type of work they prefer to do.
Electricians were asked the question “what type of work to you prefer doing?” electricians were then able to choose between domestic and commercial work as their preference. The question raised in the survey although quite light hearted revealed there is a vast difference between domestic and commercial training.
What area is best to train in?
Domestic electrical training is seen as the quick route with training available from Trade Skills 4 U to become a domestic installer in 18 days at a cost of £2145 in contrast, should you wish to specialise in commercial electrical work, the City & Guilds 2365 a 16 week course will set you back £6990. However, with growing numbers of electricians offering both domestic and commercial services, it makes sense to get qualified in both areas, leaving electricians with the option to take both types of electrical work even though they may prefer one type over the other. With a shorter course length and pocket friendly price, the EAL7695 enables students to get qualified and start earning.
Once an electrician is fully qualified, they become a 'full scope' electrician and can if they wish can offer commercial services in addition to domestic or simply choose to concentrate in one area of preference.
Commercial came out on top!
The winner in the survey incidentally was commercial. To find out what the guys on the tools said, read the full article here:

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