West Sussex college granted bright boost with fluorescent luminaires

College lighting has been granted a bright boost during a recent refurbishment project in West Sussex. Felpham Community College is home to more than 1400 pupils and has undergone a recent refurbishment within classrooms and corridors. The Bognor-based college now boasts an extensive lighting upgrade, with two high-performing fluorescent luminaires from Dextra Lighting being utilised throughout the school’s space.
As well as upgraded corridor lighting, the college has also benefited from upgraded classroom lighting through use of a mixture of recessed fluorescent lighting and fluorescent downlights. Both the Protec down lights and Solution Flush fluorescent luminaire were used to transform areas within the school.
Classroom lighting was given an upgrade with the Solution Flush T5 fluorescent luminaire. The Solution Flush forms part of Dextra Lighting’s popular Solution range of luminaires. Suitable for a wide range of applications including schools, universities, meeting rooms and offices, the Solution Flush effectively illuminates the classrooms, allowing pupils to enjoy learning in a brighter lit space.
The luminaire not only effectively increases the level of wall illumination to enhance display areas, but is also compliant with BS EN 12464 lighting standards.
In projects looking to achieve compliance to LG7, the Blade uplighter can be used in conjunction with both the Solution Flush and Asymmetric to offer compliance with LG7. The attractive recessed fluorescent luminaires tie in perfectly with the classroom space and offers an appealing upgrade. The corridors have also been upgraded with a number of eye-catching Protec fluorescent downlights.
Suitable for a host of applications, such as retail environments and the hospitality sector, the Protec has been designed with both performance and versatility in mind.
Available with a host of various different body formats including vertical, medium and large horizontal and surface, the highly flexible luminaire can tie-in and suit the demands of numerous environments. The Protec also encompasses lamp options which range from single 13W up to twin 42W, all supplied with high frequency to enhance energy savings. The white powder coated steel housing is not only robust, but ties in well with the corridor space.
The high-performing fluorescent lighting also boasts a light output ratio of up to 82%. Each of the popular fluorescent luminaires have successfully assisted with fulfilling the project brief to provide an improved teaching environment along with significant energy savings.
Emergency lighting was also installed within this project. Now a specialist mathematics and computing college, the up-to-date revamp echoes the school’s ethos of recognising and celebrating ‘Tradition, innovation and success’.

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