Dextra Group strive to recycle more than 300 tonnes in 2013

A staggering 51,000 light fittings were recycled by Dexreco last year, weighing-in at a substantial 235 tonnes. Dexreco is part of the Dextra Group. Following on from last year’s success, Dexreco staff are now striving to smash last year’s impressive figures by an additional 65 tonnes worth of lighting recycling.
November 2012 was the most successful month, with nearly 8,000 fittings recycled by Dexreco reaching a total of 31 tonnes, spanning across 33 total collections. Dexreco hope to take light recycling to an even higher level this year and aim to recycle an impressive 60,000 fittings, weighing-in at over 300 tonnes. Dexreco’s lighting disposal expertise is in high-demand, with a host of clients keen to utilise their professional light fitting and lamp recycling service.
To read the full blog and find out more about lighting disposal, you can visit the Dexreco website: Dexreco’s new brochure is also out now and available from wholesalers. A copy of Dexreco’s new brochure can also be requested by contacting

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