A refreshing refurbishment for Coca Cola warehouse

Coca Cola Enterprises (CCE) are the latest customers to benefit from upgraded warehouse lighting through use of Dexeco’s LED light fittings.
Their ambient warehouse now boasts a refreshing new look with energy efficient warehouse lighting solutions from Dexeco’s newly-launched LED Highbay product.
The LED Highbay offers LED lightingsolutions for a number of different applications, which includes warehouse lighting, factory lighting and manufacturing environments. It can also be used within marshalling areas, racking aisles and for cold storage lighting purposes.
Utilising the latest LED technology, the launch of Dexeco’s new L3 Led Highbay is already showing great potential.
The product offers a combination ofenergy saving lighting alongside lumen outputs allowing for the effective replacement of 400W metal halide luminaires.
The LED luminaire offers minimal wastage and energy consumption is achieved through utilised lens control providing accurate light distribution.
The product incorporates an L3 LED card developed in collaboration with Philips, providing an LED lightsource with a five year warranty.
Lumen packages as high as 26,600 can be offered, as each LED card offers up to 13,300 lumens and a flexible luminaire design able to accommodate the use of multiple cards.
Warehouse lighting has reached a whole new level with higher outputs combined with efficiency, allowing the LED Highbay to be used more effectively in ambient applications such as CCE’s warehouse with integral control and emergency.
Dexeco’s manufacturing performance has been described as ‘first-rate,’ with the product not only encompassing LED lighting, but being fully sensored whilst also boasting Auto Test Emergency.

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