TrustMark Extends Certification to Stroma Registered Electricians

A partnership agreed in July 2015 between Stroma and TrustMark now allows Stroma registered electricians to gain TrustMark status which will help home-owners select competent qualified electricians and other trades people to carry out work in their homes. This followed a comprehensive and thorough assessment of it's processes of vetting and inspecting installers as well as it's customer service policies, compliance audits, quality management and compliant handling procedures.
Stroma is already recognised as a market leader in energy performance, sustainability and compliance and the partnership will enable members to apply for TrustMark membership which gives an additional mark of quality. Searches on the TrustMark website and telephone helpline has reached in excess of 5 million already in 2015 which is an increase of 77% in comparison with 2013.
The benefits of TrustMark to Stroma Members
TrustMark membership gives an extra security blanket to home owners who are looking for quality trades people to carry out work in their homes. TrustMark is the only Government endorsed scheme that will properly assess and inspect scheme members to ensure they will work at all times to Government endorsed standards.
Qualification to join TrustMark is subject to Stoma's own membership application and site assessment procedures and gives Stroma certified installers to promote their installation services to a captive audience.
Word up from Stroma and TrustMark
Speaking about the partnership, Andy Sharp, Commercial Manager of Stroma Certification, said: “Becoming a TrustMark Scheme Operator is a huge endorsement for us and it is a badge that our installers can show the customer, proving that they have been properly assessed and inspected and will work to Government-endorsed standards. Becoming a Scheme Operator reinforces our commitment to supporting the installer industry. Our members have an additional mark of quality to display for customers which reinforces them as competent, qualified installers.”
Simon Ayers, Chief Executive of TrustMark, said: “Stroma Certification put in an excellent application which the Board was pleased to approve and it has demonstrated a readiness to embrace the high standards and responsibilities we expect of all scheme operators. Being a long standing member of the Competent Persons Scheme, Stroma Certification was able to provide all the relevant qualifications and information easily, which sped up the approval process our end. We are delighted to have Stroma on board as they will bring many more members into the energy saving field and home-owners can feel confident that if they employ a TrustMark-registered Stroma installer that they are working with the best in the business.”
More about the Stroma Trustmark Partnership
Both Stroma and TrustMark are Government approved. Stroma Certification provides a combination of certification schemes for installers working across the Green Deal, renewables and major installer trades.
Stroma cater for a broad range of trades, specialisms and measures. All schemes are authorised by the appropriate Government department. Stroma's own Competent Person Schemes, Microgeneration Certification Schemes, and Green Deal Installer certification schemes are all UKAS-accredited to ISO/IEC 17065.2012.
TrustMark is the Government endorsed quality scheme that signposts people to reputable local tradespeople. It is a registered social enterprise, operated under licence from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).
TrustMark’s website has an easy to use UK wide postcode search facility, which provides details of more than 18,500 licensed trades and has the largest database of accredited tradespeople in the country.
All TrustMark firms’ technical skills have been independently checked through on-site inspections to ensure a high quality of workmanship and trading practices. TrustMark is the only scheme that requires qualified inspectors to do these visits, so that technical competence is checked as well as business practices and customer satisfaction.
TrustMark firms make a commitment to work to Government endorsed standards and are able to offer insurance backed warranties and deposit protection, as well as operating a user-friendly complaints procedure.
TrustMark is not an advertising directory or a website that sells leads. It is a registered social enterprise, operated under licence from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). As a not-for-profit organisation it does not make money from consumers
The TrustMark Success Story
TrustMark now has 32 scheme operators with over 12,500 inspected and registered firms across the UK for all the key trades that work inside and outside the home.

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