Making the step from school to independence in bright surroundings

Scarborough Sixth Form College staff and students can now enjoy brightly-lit areas, thanks to an injection of life by Dextra Lighting products. College lighting has been given a new lease of modern-day life in the cafeteria, library and social area, through products from the Sira, Qel Linear and Solution ranges.
The cafeteria now boasts a Sira suspended continuous luminaire linked with infill spacers. The bi-directional output with an equal fifty percent up/down split also assists with compliance to LG7 guidelines and brings education lighting into the 21st century.
Outdated T12 battens with yellow distorted prismatic diffusers have been replaced with new T5 lighting products from Sira’s range. The low ceiling seating area now boasts Qel 2 surface linears and Solution ECA recessed modulars in the library.
Socialising takes place in a brighter environment thanks to the T5 lighting fixtures offered by Sira continuous suspended lighting. The client selected the product based on its performance and the ability it has to be suspended in between Ecofon acoustic panels.
With approximately 1,100 students aged 16-18, along with mature students, they can each benefit from better lit facilities to enhance their college experience.
The college lighting upgrade has added to the sixth form’s investment in buildings and resources, resulting in a modern university-type feel. The investment in education lighting helps fulfil the college’s vision to serve the community by delivering outstanding educational success and developing the social and personal skills of all their students.
Staff and students were absolutely thrilled with the results and the products used to create the transformation.
Product overview
Education lighting in the library, cafeteria and social space were transformed with the following Dextra Lighting products:
The Sira range of suspended continuous run luminaires provides a high quality and aesthetically pleasing luminaire with added flexibility, allowing the client to design with flair and imagination. Suitable for use in a number of commercial environments, including receptions, offices and showrooms, the Sira boasts a bi-directional output with an equal fifty percent up/down split to assist with compliance to LG7 guidelines. The Sira is an efficient and highly flexible T5 lighting product and can be customised to meet a wide range of user requirements.
Solution ECA
The Solution ECA can be used in a number of environments, including commercial areas, offices, schools and universities and areas with computer monitors in use. The product offers both high output and high efficiency T5 lighting options. Optimum performance is achieved through perforated steel curved side baskets with OptiSpec louvres with closed back blades. This versatile product is offered in a range of body sizes and T5 lamp configurations, ensuring it can meet the majority of office requirements.
Qel Surface Linear 2
The Qel SL range offers style along with affordability and can be used in a variety of environments, including offices, schools and universities. High efficiency and high output lamps can be combined with a variety of dimming and emergency options with this product.
The Qel Surface Linear 2 boasts sleek profiled sides and quick release plastic end caps to assist with efficient maintenance. The product is manufactured with a central BSEN 12464 compliant louvre in either specular or semi specular options.

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