Electrician Blog

Hi and welcome. I would just like to welcome you to my Blog and would like to give you a brief insight into me and why I am writing this blog.
My name is Gary and I have been working as an Electrician in the south east of england for 16 years. I would love to swap stories and experiences with other like minded electricians.
I would like to start off by saying how let down by our government. ( Puting a side the cost and time now involved with being a " competent person " !, And I won't even mention part P, Cost of being on a scheme, or any other of the crazy ideas that the government come up with ) They have stated in a number of interviews how bad the construction industry is due to the down turn, recession / depression or any thing else you would like to call it, But have nothing in place to help us out. !
Due to all of this, even though I am still working as an electrician, I have created this website for electricians like you to help in advertising yourselves for free! Please feel free to sign up for your free account and put your company details in. You can put in as much or a little about yourself as you like, And yep ! It is FREE !
If anyone else is experienced the same or have any other input please send me your comments.