Dextra Lighting Gains Top Marks in Primary School Refurbishment

An extensive refurbishment to Stoborough Primary School has been made through use of Dextra Lighting products. Pupils and staff can now benefit from the large-scale refurbishment and new multi-classroom extension at the back of the school building. Dextra designed the school lighting through collaboration with an architect and presented a more efficient design, after emphasising the benefits of both T5 lighting and LED lighting for use within the project.
Staff, pupils and visitors are given an even warmer welcome, thanks to the use of coloured halo attachments from the Pro Tec LED range in the entrance lobby. Whilst providing a brighter entrance space and toilet facilities, the product also delivers maximum efficiency. Dextra Lighting have used a combination of T5 lighting and LED lighting sources to produce the best education lighting solution for the voluntary aided school.
Founded in 1872, the school has placed Dextra Lighting products top of the class, with excellent feedback from delighted governors and school staff.
Product Overview
The school’s refurbishment was created with the following products:MODLED Surface Luminaire
Combined with a DALI lighting control system, the MODLED Surface luminaire has been utilised with daylight dimming and absence detection in the classrooms of the existing school building. The MODLED surface luminaire was also used alongside skylights in the school’s library.
This versatile product can be used for a number of different settings including office lighting, receptions, corridors and within the commercial lighting sector.
A wide range of outputs and aesthetics is offered by the design of the MODLED surface, including an optional halo effect available in a variety of colours. Constructed with perforated steel side panels on most variants, alongside a screw retained extruded aluminium optic frame, MODLED boasts a host of benefits including a performance light output ratio of up to 85%.
Omni T5 Suspended
Incorporating the latest in T5 lighting technology, the Omni range offers a slimline alternative for office environment lighting solutions. The product can be used in a number of settings including offices, schools, universities and for commercial lighting purposes.
This bi-directional product is combined with DSI control, daylight dimming and absence detection in the classroom extension, making the most of the abundance of skylights and windows whilst also maximising efficiency.
LG7 guidelines can be assisted through lighting design and the suspension of the Omni in a bi-directional format.
The Omni’s standard width and octagonal cross section allows for both single and twin lamp options and makes the product adaptable to fulfil a range of lighting situations.
Pro Tec LED
The Pro Tec LED range is suitable for a host of environments which includes educational establishments, retail, receptions offices and airports. The product is constructed with zinc plated spring steel fixing clips and boasts polycarbonate colour accessories.
With a light output ratio of up to 90%, once installed, the versatile product boats many benefits and can be updated according to changes in décor and layout, as reflectors and colour attachments can be removed and replaced with ease.