How YourTradeBase got started

YourTradeBase was co-founded in 2009 with Dean Taylor, a tradesmen who was having problems with organising and doing his paperwork. 
Here he gives the story of YourTradeBase's start.
Back in the early days of starting out as a sole trader I found that the paperwork and organisational side of my business got neglected.  Part of this was due to the amount of hours I spent on site, not only completing work but also quoting potential work, and and partly due to my lack of ability or discipline to keep on top of it.  I looked around for a solution that would allow me to automate, if you like, this part of my business.  My wife at the time was working full time so the old trick of palming this side of my business off to her was not an option.  I stumbled across some possible solutions but most seemed to have the need for me to make them solve my requirements rather than nail my requirements.  
As time passed, the need for something became more and more important.  This led me down the path of discussing the possibilities of a custom built piece of kit with YourTradeBase co-founder Adam Austin.  I made up a basic mind map of what I felt was important and passed this over to Adam, who immediately set to work on the very first and very basic version.  Due to my requirements being very simple Adam got this just right in aiding me with what I needed.  Within an extremely short period of time my business went from, what I would call, unorganised  and messy, to efficient and tidy.
After a few small chats with friends and work partners it came to light that they all seemed to suffer with the same headache, and all asked the same question "is there any chance of me using it?".  Straight away I saw what the potential was, not only on a commercial basis but in solving many others paperwork problems.
After a few discussions with Adam we realised that this version, although ideal for me as an individual, was not geared up in a way that would allow multiple users. This is when version 1 of YourTradeBase was built and launched.  We witnessed the amount of tradesmen that must be suffering and soon had plenty of users from all different industries submitting their own feedback and ideas, things that we had over looked.  Incorporating the most popular requests version 2 was built and pushed out, helping even more people like myself in the early days to combat this side of their business.
Since using YourTradeBase my business has become so much more efficient, organised and automated that I found time to concentrate on growing my business.  I now even have extra teams on the road and still feel in control of the admin side of work - this I am certain would not be the case if YourTradeBase was never born!
Want an easy way to create and send out estimates quotes and invoices and win more work? YourTradeBase is offering all of MyLocalElectrician's users a 45 day FREE trial! We don't take credit card numbers, and there aren't any catches, just use the code MYLOCAL45 for your free trial.

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