Factory direct pricing – saving your electrical contracting business money

In business, every penny has to be accounted for and it makes sense to slash prices by simply cutting out the middle man. This way, you are still obtaining the same quality of product but for less money – its a no brainer of course!
Quality lighting at factory prices
Here at Aurora clearance, we are not just any old lighting vendor – we know there are lots of those around already, we are already responsible for delivering quality lighting to practically any electrical project or design that is specified in today's market place.
Customers want clean, bright, modern non-obtrusive lighting and we deliver all of this and more in every single light fitting we produce at Aurora. The great thing about using Aurora clearance for your lighting needs as an electrician is that you'll be saving a small fortune – which could be used for sensible things such as paying the tax bill or van maintenance – you could even put the savings forward to boost your marketing budget to get even more customers – another no brainer!
Our lighting prices are amazing
Another reason why we're different is that we only stock our own lighting products so you can be assured of Auroras top quality standards. We stock a full range of downlights, luminaires and lamps all at factory prices. Our customers are electrical industry professionals and include domestic electricians, commercial electricians, specifiers and buyers.
Although our customer base is huge – and that's another thing, our customer service is industry leading (we just thought we'd tell you that! :)) one thing that we hear very often is “I wish I had found this site sooner”. Why pay more than what you have to for quality lighting? We slash prices on hundreds of products every week so why not stock up? OK you might get known as 'the light bulb man' but that's a good thing – especially when you can get our amazing lighting at such great prices!
Fast delivery
Order before 1pm and it will be with you the next working day – it's as simple as that. No waiting around on slow delivery – our delivery is free and speedy. We know you have deadlines to meet so we won't keep you waiting.
So whether you have a big commercial lighting project coming up or need some quality bathroom light fittings, we are the place to be. Our prices , service and delivery will make you smile and that surely can't be a bad thing!
Peace of mind
Once installed, Aurora lighting will last – meaning low maintenance and replacement costs for your client. The high quality fittings ensure there will be no need to return to replace faulty products and breakages. It is not often you can cost cut and say that!
Next time you require light fittings, give Aurora clearance a try – all from the comfort of your arm chair....we can't promise but there might even be the potential for a lie in as a result!
We look forward to doing business with you soon - visit www.auroraclearance.com

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