Illuminating the pathway for pupils to achieve

With a philosophy built on the commitment to provide the best possible environment in which its children can flourish and achieve, school lighting has played a key role in enhancing that ethos further at Gloucester-based Beech Green Primary School. It is the latest in a long line of education lighting projects undertaken in schools, colleges and universities for Dextra Lighting who collaborated with consultants Atkins at Beech Green. The Duet T5 came top of the class, with both the school and Atkins opting for bi-directional T5 fluorescent lighting. Duet T5 fluorescent lighting is suspended with an integral sensor- the REAi 14 mini head.
The fittings are all dimmable and in classrooms are linked with a Bus Lite power supply unit to enable all lights to be switched and dimmed together manually as an override. This gives the school flexibility to use presence detection in the break out areas and utilise absence detection in the classrooms.
The Duet T5 is the latest luminaire in the Dextra Lighting T5 fluorescent lighting range making the use of the most up-to-date louvre technology whilst combining efficiency, flexibility and modern and attractive design. It also incorporates the latest AWB louvre range which utilises the highest grade aluminium. Dextra’s bespoke closed black louvre blades can give light output ratios of up to 82%, whilst the leaf spring system allows it to be removed easily for maintenance.
The Duet T5 has been designed to suit the widest possible range of applications and can be surface mounted either individually or continuously run as Beech Green has chosen in this project.
The wide range of body styles and optics also allows the Duet T5 to be customised to suit most applications, including university lighting and a host of education lighting. The LG3 louvre gives compliance to BS EN 12464 for applications where computer monitors are in use while the extruded TPA diffuser and low brightness louvre options are suitable for a range of other situations where glare control is not critical such as corridors, receptions, meeting rooms and retail applications.
Dextra Lighting now have the opportunity to showcase their work, thanks to Atkins consultants wanting a factory tour. Atkins were so impressed with what Dextra Lighting can offer as a company and the service provided on the job regarding delivery and order lead time.

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