Thermahood - Downlight Covers!

Thermahood - Downlight Covers!
Thermahood, is a downlight cover to meet requirements for Building Regulation for Air-tightness and continuous Loft Insulation, also Meets F Capped Rating Standard.
Thermahood is very popular with electricians, installers of loft insulation and air-tightness membranes, also with building consultants, contractors etc..
Reduce Heat Loss and Draughts!
Reduce Risk of Condensation!
Improve Air Quality and Air-tightness!
Reduce Noise, Dust and Insect Infiltration!
Building Regulations now require an air-tightness test, Thermahood can really improve the results of this where appropriate.
Within current Building Regulations there is requirement for continuous loft insulation which easily achieved using Thermahood.
Thermahood is a product that compartments the light fitting and its components, Thermahood is robust so can prevent downlights getting displaced and damaged, etc.
This is very reassuring for Electrical installers, contractors and customers as it can save time wasting return trips to repair damage.
Thermahood is a quality product manufactured from high grade material that is very durable so is capable of withstanding the rigours of the building site.
Thermahood also nests well (stacks into each other) which is a major advantage when shipping and for storage.
Thermahood is easy to use (finished product ready to use without modification) and there are no special precautions to consider when handling the product.
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