Email marketing, your website sign up forms and GDPR

I have received email after email from organisations stating that I need to opt back in if I want to continue to receive information that I subscribed to. This is wrong! You do not have to ask people to opt in/ re subscribe. They do not have to re subscribe! Just give them the opportunity to opt out. The important thing to remember is transparency and to give your subscribers control over how their data is used. You do not have to ask people to opt in/ re subscribe. They do not have to re subscribe! Just give them the opportunity to opt out.

If someone subscribed to your list before 25th May 2018, if you are not doing anything different from when they subscribed, then just send them an email to your New privacy statement stating you will continue to keep in touch but if they no longer want to hear from you then they can opt out.

Clearly communicate how you will use/process their data. ( no need for a click box on sign up form) Just write clearly and more descriptive what it is they are subscribing to. They can then choose to opt out at any time.

Remember, that what you tell your subscriber they will get (your weekly newsletter sending them hints and tips for example) then that is what you provide them, no more.

You can't bribe customers to opt in to your mailing list by using competitions for example.

If someone subscribes to a competition, then you can only use their data to communicate to them about that competition. You can not add these subscribers to your regular email newsletter list) – There is absolutely no problem adding a sentence at the bottom of the competition email giving them the choice to sign up to your regular email.

Do I need to use double opt in?

Short answer, No. Nowhere in GDPR does it say that subscribers have to double opt in. Saying this, it is good practice as it creates a better more relevant list of subscribers.

This article does not cover how you process your subscribers data. You are the data controller. If you use something like mailchimp, aweber auto responder / mailing list provider, then they are the data processor. You are both equally responsible to ensure data you keep is kept secure. If you are using a data processor, make sure they are gdpr compliant too.

The following link also helps to cover the myths around GDPR here:…

It categorically states that you do NOT need to refresh existing lists, so don't go effectively throwing away your list. Just remember, you are running a legitimate electrical contracting business that wants more customers. So key things to think about when keeping in contact with you customers / potential customers:

  • Be transparent - tell them how and what you are using their data for. Keep to this, what you tell them must happen.
  • They have the choice - Give them the choice and control over how you use their data and the option to opt out and have their data removed.