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Get more work in your electrical business using video

Thu, 15/06/2017

As professional electricians, most of us know or should know by now, that marketing and promoting your services and more importantly yourself online, should be forming part of your marketing efforts and campaign. Whilst there is a mirad of content online that tells you how important it is to have a website, use social media and all that jazz, there is less out there telling us we should be using video in our business and even less on how to do all this marketing stuff correctly.
But we are electricians right? We know our job and know what we are doing, but are we really in our comfort zone when it comes to selling ourselves online? Most of us are fine with one on one, speaking directly with clients and selling ourselves this way but why in general are we far less confident in doing this online? Where is the advice online tailored to us as electricians? Why is it that most of the marketing help guides online is generic and far from tailored to small to medium sized electrical contracting companies?
Well this is where James Dewane comes in….
Do these questions ring true to you?.....
• Do you want to use video to promote your business but don’t know where to start?
• Are you concerned about how you look or sound on Camera?
• Are you afraid that others will pick holes in your content and ridicule you?
• Do you still think that creating videos are expensive?
YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world after Google, many tradesmen and women miss out on opportunities simply because they are not visible enough.
‘YouTube’ today, is like Television was in years gone by, people look to it for entertainment and education, unlike TV, it is not difficult for you to get in front of a local audience to promote your business, if anything, YouTube is more effective for small business than TV could ever be.
If you want to get more work into your business and target your local market, James is running a FREE one day training workshop for electricians. To find out more and to book your FREE place click the following link:

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