Research reveals the best UK cities to be an electrician

The best and worst cities for electricians to work in the United Kingdom have been revealed.

Electrical workwear specialists MI Supplies analysed the yearly pay for electricians in every city in the UK. Their research shows which cities electricians earn the most and least money working in.

They discovered that London and Bristol are the best cities in the UK for electricians to make a living. The average pay is £31,097 for those working in London and £29,620 for those working in Bristol.

Electricians working in Cambridge and Brighton, meanwhile, have the lowest yearly salaries. They both came at the bottom of the list with £26,939 the average wage for Cambridge electricians and £26,504 for those in Brighton.

The average wages for electricians in London have increased by 19% since 2013. There is also a £5,232 difference between the average pay for electricians working in London compared to the lowest earning UK city Cambridge.

The five best places to make a living in the United Kingdom as an electrician are:

1. London - £31,097
2. Bristol - £29,620
3. Stirling - £29,559
4. Chelmsford - £29,503
5. Gloucester - £29,196

Meanwhile, the five worst are:

1. Cambridge - £25,865
2. Brighton - £26,125
3. Stoke - £26,303
4. Manchester - £26,504
5. Birmingham - £26,939

MI Supplies analysed the yearly salaries for electricians with at least five years of experience across all 69 cities in the UK.

Data was provided by PayScale, the largest real-time salary survey in the world where more than 150,000 new survey records are added every month.