Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Professional Electrician

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Professional Electrician

Electricians have heard it all before – when chasing up quotations, it is very common to hear that someone else is going to do it cheaper or they're going to do the job themselves to save money. But how can you convince your customer to spend their hard earned cash with you – the Part P registered electrician who can certify their work, guarantee it and carry out the job in accordance to all rules and regulations and safety standards.

This is just the problem, as a home owner do you understand why they should be a Part P registered electrician?

My Local Electrician has come with the Top 10 tips which clearly explain why you should use a Part P registered professional electrician:


Safety Issues – Electricity does kill and thousands are injured every week in the UK through electrical related accidents.  The majority of these cases are people who are trying to fix a problem with their home electrics without having the basic essential knowledge required.  Even if the problem seems to be repaired, it will not be tested to ensure its safety leaving the householder and the family at risk from fire and potential injury.


Long Term Safety concerns – Damage caused by DIY electrical work costs far more in remedial repairs than it would have cost an electrician to put right in the first place.  Incorrect electrical work can cause cables to overheat and melt if they're the incorrect size, breakers to burn causing fire if incorrectly fitted.  Often the householder is unaware until a fire breaks out.


Doing the job right first time – A professional electrician will get the job done for you far quicker with the peace of mind it has been done safely, tested and certified.  It is the most cost effective way than to use someone who claims to know about electrics, produces unsafe work leaving you to find a professional electrician to rectify the work.


Qualifications – There are several routes a qualified electrician can take to become qualified. Any professional electrician will be more than happy to show you their qualifications. Making a point of having an industry recognised qualification goes a long way.  The point we're making here is that there are lots of options available to become a qualified electrician there is no reason why someone who is unqualified should be working on home electrics. Being qualified means you understand the rules and regulations needed to install home electrics in some ones home.


Experience -  Which ever route an electrician takes to become qualified, they will have carried out practical work which helps them gain the much needed experience to be able to carry out electrical work in your home.


Troubleshooting – if you don't know what the problem is with your home electrics, it is far better to consult a qualified electrician.  Fault finding is a complex area of electrical work, and it can cause more harm than good looking for a problem if you don't know what you are doing.  Its also very time consuming – it does make far more sense to consult a professional electrician to find an electrical fault in terms of both time and money


Money saving - If your customer has appliances which keep blowing fuses or their lights trip out, rather than ignore the problem and simply replacing fuses or re-setting the trip, they should be using the services of an electrician.  Ignoring a potential problem can make it worse and more costly in the longer term.


Registered - Always ensure your electrician is registered with an organisation such as the NICEIC, NAPIT or ELECSA.  This means that the electrical works carried out will be certified which is an essential requirement should you wish to sell your home.  It also means the electrician is independently assessed to ensure their electrical work is of the required standard.


Guaranteed work – If your electrician is registered, it also means they can guarantee the work they undertake in your home.  An unregistered electrician would not offer any guarantee with their work.


Lastly, if you’re not happy with the work the electrician has carried out in your home, you have access to an independent complaints procedure.  Of course, this is only offered if your electrician is registered.  It is all offered as part of the service you pay for.

It should now be clear why a professional electrician is always the best option when considering any electrical work in your home.  A professional electrician is not just interested in your money, they also care about you and your families well being.

Stay safe and don't be tempted by the services of someone who is only interested in your money.

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