New series of guide books for electrical installers

NICEIC and ELECSA have produced a new series of short guides focusing on specific areas of electrical contracting work. The short guides offer practical guidance for some of the most common problems electricians come across. Drawing on a range of expertise and knowledge within each organisation, the books reflect the current requirements of BS 7671 and contain helpful diagrams and explanations that are easy to follow.
The books also highlight those aspects that are mandatory requirements and those which are prohibited by current regulation.

G24 to E27 light adapter

Hi, I have a couple of G24 light fittings and have recently bought some adapters so I can use E27 bulbs, however they don't work. The adapters I have only have 2 pins whereas the bulbs that were previously used had 4 pins. I can't find any 4 pin adapters so assume the 2 pin ones should work? On the light fitting it says - Cat NV1400A-230V 13W G24 4pin. The bulbs I'm using with adapter are 8.5w.
Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

Homebuyer report - survey warning - advice?

First of all, sorry for being so vague here - I know absolutely nothing about this, and know that I'm giving incomplete information so it's a bit of a rubbish question, but anyway if here it is.
I'm hoping to buy a house, and as part of that, have had a "homebuyers report" done. On there, it brings up a point about the electrics, and I'm wondering if it sounds to you like it's in there to cover their backs, or whether it's likely to be something which we should get investigated asap?
Here's the bit from the report:

Disable electricity for a room

Hello, I have a problem with a flatmate who does not pay his share of the bills. I would like to temporarily cut off electricity in his room. I have checked the fuse box (shown in picture) in my house - it has very general switches like 2nd floor lights, 2nd floor sockets. This is bad because we both live on 2nd floor. Is there some way to split the 2nd floor sockets circuit into two smaller circuits for each room? I would like to do this without having to dig through the walls. Maybe there is some DIY stuff I could do behind the fuse box shield?