NICEIC Commercial - Back to school

NICEIC have launched a second TV commercial promoting the use of registered electricians. Kids Questions features NICEIC’s Senior Technical Presenter Darren Staniforth giving a talk about electricity to a group of schoolchildren.

The children put Darren under pressure with a series of curious questions about electricity before the tagline ‘With Electrics we are all children – always use a registered electrician’ appears at the end.

Darren commented: “It was a real fun advert to make as the kids’ questions were all unscripted.

“That made it difficult for me as I just had to react and provide an answer as best I could.  

“And that is the message we want to get across. When it comes to dealing with electrics some people might think they know a little bit, but in reality they don’t have all the answers. That is why it is always best left to the professionals.”

The 30 second advert is set to feature on a number of online sites throughout September and October including:

  • ITV’s Video on Demand
  • Sky Go
  • YouTube Pre-roll

With more and more people now choosing to watch TV online at a time and date of their own choosing the clip is expected to be seen by more than 10 million viewers.

Darren added: “We are committed to promoting our contractors in new and innovative ways and this commercial is just the next step

“The advantage of this platform is that viewers are obliged to watch the commercial for the full 30 seconds before they can watch their favourite programme, so we felt it was a great platform on which to promote our registered contractors.

“We want to promote the benefits of using an NICEIC registered electrician to homeowners and help our contractors win more work.”

You can also watch the commercial on YouTube here:

The film is the second TV commercial produced by NICEIC. The first The Cage, appeared on prime TV in 2016 and was viewed by more than 13 Million people.